On May 30th, I accompanied the students of the “Organic Coatings” and “Advanced Organic Coatings” courses (respectively, from the III year of the Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering Bachelor’s Degree, specialisation in Surfaces, and from the subsequent Master’s Degree) at the premises of the company Speroni S.p.A. (Castelnovo di Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy).

I will not describe the technical details of our visit, but I would like to emphasise the value of these events and the activity of PoliEFUN in general. The didactic and educational importance of company visits is huge, if they are well organised as in this case. These fully reflect the objectives of our association, that is, bringing the world of university and industry closer.

Students working hard for their future often wonder where they will work one day and what are, at least, the general characteristics of their potential employers – and rightly so. A pragmatic response can only result in greater positivity and certainty about their choice.

Companies’ CEOs and engineers, on the other hand, ask themselves: “Who will inherit our culture and technology? Who will continue the work of our company?”

PoliEFUN is the first and only association to build a bridge between these two needs.