TST 2021 | Trends in Surface Technology - The slow meeting on the surface treatments: edigital conference


For its 2021 edition, to be held in an era of sanitary regulations, TST2021 has had to rethink its organisation from an exhibition in presence to a fully online event. The program, initially scheduled for one day, will be divided into 6 sessions, each lasting two hours, from 15 April to 20 May, every Thursday between 10.30 and 12.00 AM (UTC+2). 
This will make it a true “slow meeting”, losing the “exhibition” aspects but gaining the “digital” ones. It will also offer several advantages and opportunities to participants and companies:

  • Greater ease of participation: just connect a few minutes before the start of the sessions, avoiding any travel time
  • Multi-person participation: several people from the same company will be able to attend the sessions they find most interesting at the same time
  • A new type of networking: occasions and activities will be organised where everyone will have the opportunity to engage with speakers and other registered participants
  • The very concept of “slow meeting” represents the spirit of this Conference, which aims at offering suggestions and ideas to rethink one’s own operations in a more responsible way. We do not look for “turnkey” solutions, but we listen to the experiences of those who have already addressed the issue of circularity with the objective of shared, responsible improvement.

If we look at the surface treatment sector in its entirety and analyse the information gathered from large international meetings, we have the feeling, if not the certainty, that, at the moment, there are no strong trends or driving forces behind either research or production.
Of course, there are a few trends common to all other industries, such as a focus on sustainability and digitalisation through the IoT. These are creating at least some small waves in such a calm sea.
It is hard to tell whether this is the calm before the storm or a rest period after the turbulences of the last few years (waterborne paints, powders, bio–based raw materials, smart coatings, safe materials, and so on).
Worst case scenario, this sea could turn out to be so viscous that it is impossible to get free.
If one strong trend exists in the surface treatment field as in other sectors, however, it is that of circularity in all its aspects.

TST’21, with its three sessions (materials, systems, and analysis and process tools), aims precisely at providing an occasion for discussing and analysing the state of the art and the ways in which companies are implementing circular virtuous cycles by prioritising their environmental footprint.

This will be the leitmotiv of TST’21: we will talk about what companies are doing for circularity, about what they have done, and about research funding in this field. This is a widely encompassing topic, open to several interpretations.

Poliefun invites all interested parties to contribute by presenting their research work, projects, funding ventures, and above all ideas about any aspect of the broad and complex topic of “circularity”. Every report will be published.

Call for Abstract end date: January 31, 2021
Please send your proposals to segreteria@poliefun.com

Upon approval, we will send you our format instructions for publication.
The event will take place both in person at the Politecnico di Milano and in remote mode.

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