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TECN’È, tecnologie, macchine sistemi per un mondo che cambia, is a monthly print magazine addressed to the manufacturing world and the mechanical engineering industry in particular, with the ambition of promoting the sectors of excellence that are strategic for the Italian economy.
TECN’È deals with all things technological innovation and presents reports and success cases about products, processes, solutions, organization methods, researchers, and enlightened managers, in order to create a virtuous circle among business, university, and end users.


Open Factory
Driven by a passion for press, communications and web technologies, open factory edizioni srl, leveraging all available channels (web, multimedia, paper), aims at creating a new space for information and in-depth analysis, to stimulate discussion and reflection about key topics, visions, ideas and innovation in a changing world that delivers new challenges.




FISMET SERVICE | www.fismet.it

via Renato Fucini 6 / 20133 / Milano (MI)

This company specialises in the design and production of industrial cleaning systems, ultrasound machines, and processes using carbon dioxide and supersaturated steam. For forty years, its owners have aimed at searching for always innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. It also has a testing laboratory and a unique contracting cleaning division at the European level.

RÖSLER ITALIANA | www.rosler.it

via E.Vittorini 10-12 / 20863 / Concorezzo (MB)

Rösler Italiana Srl, a subsidiary of the German group Rösler, is a world leader in the production of surface treatment equipment and its related consumables.

TECNOFIRMA | www.tecnofirma.com

viale Elvezia 35 / 20900 / Monza (MB)

For over sixty years, Tecnofirma has been a leader in the plastic and metal finishing field. Its expertise in the industrial cleaning, coating and impregnation sectors is recognised around the world.


2 EFFE ENGINEERING | www.2effe.com

via Brescia 45 / 25080 / Soiano del lago (BS)

Material analysis laboratory. It offers consulting services in the metallurgy field.