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Poliefun is the association created by the collaboration of the companies from the surface treatment field and the University to establish – under the scientific and technical guidance of Politecnico di Milano – a real and practical contact point between the world of work and the study courses.

The association operates within Politecnico di Milano (Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta” and Department of Mechanics) and it acts as a bridge between the University and the finishing sector companies.

Poliefun’s main objectives include supporting the Degree Course in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology, spreading business culture, and offering complete R&D programs.

Joining Poliefun to support the Degree Course in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology and its specialisation in Surface Treatment Engineering can prove the best response to the growing demand for professionals able to apply different finishing technologies in the industrial world, choosing the most suitable techniques and developing the most competitive applications in terms of process, production, and management.

Poliefun’s members benefit from several services and an R&D program on advantageous terms. The program includes a free “research definition” phase and ensures organisational support for the “research carrying out” and “development and spreading” phases.

Poliefun is a concrete example of the way in which the academic and business world can join forces to greatly contribute to the Italian industrial and cultural landscape. Several companies have already joined our association, understanding the importance of this ambitious project.

We will be honoured to include among our members other companies and associations sharing our goals.

To join Poliefun, please download, fill out, and send your application form to segreteria@poliefun.org

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Poliefun Articles of Association

Our Members

AIFM | www.galvanotecnica.org

via Renato Fucini 6 / 20133 / Milano (MI)

The Italian Association of Metal Finishing for the national galvanic industry.

ANIMA | www.anima-it.com

via Scarsellini 13 / 20161 / Milano (MI)

The Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries is the industrial organisation that represents the companies from the mechanical and engineering fields within Confindustria.

CISP | www.cisp.it

via Matteo Bandello 5 / 20123 / Milano (MI)

CISP (the Italian Porcelain Enamel Centre) was established in 1958. In more than fifty years, it has strengthened its role as a centre for the protection and promotion of porcelain enamel. CISP promotes and supports any scientific and technical research activity relating to the application of inorganic enamels. It is a reliable reference point for the industry.

UCIF | www.ucif.net

via Scarsellini 13 / 20161 / Milano (MI)

Established in 1973 as an independent association and a member of ANIMA, UCIF represents over 70% of the Italian finishing machinery and equipment manufacturers.

UCIF is accredited by the Italian Confindustria system through ANIMA and represents the finishing industry as a whole.

2 EFFE ENGINEERING | www.2effe.com

via Brescia 45 / 25080 / Soiano del lago (BS)

Material analysis laboratory. It offers consulting services in the metallurgy field.

ANTON PAAR ITALIA | www.anton-paar.com

via Cuorgnè 44 / 10098 / Rivoli (TO)

Anton Paar Italia is a subsidiary of Anton Paar GmbH (Graz, Austria). The Italian branch is the point of reference for the national market in terms of sales and technical assistance to Anton Paar’s customers. This company develops, produces, and distributes analysis instruments used worldwide in the research, development, and quality control fields. It also provides technical assistance for all its products.

AKZONOBEL COATINGS | www.interpon.com

via Silvio Pellico 8 / 22100 / Como (CO)

It is a part of multinational group Akzo Nobel and a world leader in the coating field. Its international Powder Coatings division specialises in the formulation, development, and production of thermosetting powder coating systems intended for the metal structures of all major manufacturing sectors.

DÜRR SYSTEMS | www.durr.com

Carl Benz Strasse 34 / Bietigheim-Bissingen (D)
DÜRR is a world leader in the supply of products, systems and services for industrial productions. In Italy, the Group operates through the following firms:

OLPIDÜRR | www.olpidurr.it

Coating, eco-friendly air treatment, and industrial cleaning plants.

VERIND | www.verind.it

Highly automated coating, sealing, robot, fluid transfer, and waste water treatment systems.


via Circonvallazione Est 8 / 27023 / Cassolnovo (PV)

Production, marketing, and commercial mediation of chemicals, plastics, accessories, machines, plants, and technologies for the shoe and chemical market.

FISMET SERVICE | www.fismet.it

via dello Sport 9 / 20010 / Cornaredo (MI)

This company specialises in the design and production of industrial cleaning systems, ultrasound machines, and processes using carbon dioxide and supersaturated steam. For forty years, its owners have aimed at searching for always innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. It also has a testing laboratory and a unique contracting cleaning division at the European level.

GEICO | www.geicotaikisha.com

Via Pelizza da Volpedo 109/111/ 20092 / Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

With over fifty years of industrial history, the Geico Taikisha Group is a world leader in the design and construction of coating systems for car bodies.

IMF Engineering | www.imfeng.eu

via Giuseppe di Vittorio 9 / 20016 / Pero (MI)

IMF Engineering is a young and dynamic company that designs and manufactures machines and plants for the most modern industrial coating processes to meet customers’ specific needs.

ERNESTO MALVESTITI | www.malvestiti.com

via dell’Artigianato 2-4-6 / 20053 / Muggiò (MB)

Established in 1945, it is a world leader in the construction of high precision moulds for shearing and the production of sheared parts.

PRAXAIR | www.praxair.com

S.S 639 Bergamo-Lecco km 23 / 23804 / Monte Marenzo (LC)

SMALTIRIVA is a division of PRAXAIR s.r.l. operating for fifty years in the field of fluorinated coatings with a non-stick and anti-corrosion function intended for the industry. Thanks to its vast experience and expertise, the company offers a wide range of products and solutions for any type of application as well as the know-how needed to match the different requirements with the right properties and characteristics of its coatings.

ROLLWASCH ITALIANA | www.rollwasch.it

via San Carlo 21 / 20847 / Albiate (MB)

This Italian company established in 1950 specialises in mass finishing surface treatments such as vibratory finishing and tumbling.

RÖSLER ITALIANA | www.rosler.it

via E.Vittorini 10-12 / 20863 / Concorezzo (MB)

Rösler Italiana Srl, a subsidiary of the German group Rösler, is a world leader in the production of surface treatment equipment and its related consumables.


Via Del Lavoro 101/103 / 22070 Fenegrò (CO)

STT specialises in fluoropolymer-based coatings more commonly known as “tefloning”’, capable of giving excellent non-stick, smoothness, and corrosion resistance characteristics to the treated surfaces.
Thanks to its wide range of coatings and the experience gained over several years of activity, STT is able to design specific solutions for the most diverse production need.

TECNOFIRMA | www.tecnofirma.com

viale Elvezia 35 / 20900 / Monza (MB)

For over sixty years, Tecnofirma has been a leader in the plastic and metal finishing field. Its expertise in the industrial cleaning, coating and impregnation sectors is recognised around the world.

WAGNER | www.wagner-group.com

Via Santa Vecchia 109 / 23868 / Valmadrera (LC)

Wagner S.p.A. is part of the international WAGNER Group, one of the leading manufacturers in the market, in painting systems, both liquid and powder, as well as in gluing. We have been one of the reference companies in the market since the Seventies, thanks to the skills and professionalism of our technicians and engineers. We offer a full range of machines from personal use to the most complex customized industrial systems.